Jennifer | 19 | France | Feel free to ask me anything (before that, CHECK OUT THE FAQ PAGE) ! None of the pictures I post are mine. If you wan't me to remove yours, you can ask me to (but please, ask gently !) I've created another pale blog but sexier than this one : UGHSEXPALE
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  • the-blobfish: You are thinking about getting rid of your blog eh? Well it shall be missed if you do, (and I'll miss a follower too haha) just make sure you don't leave tumblr all together and be sure to tell me what your new URL is ;)

    I do :) But I don’t leave tumblr, I leave everything that’s related to pale blogs. You know (well, maybe you don’t care but I’m gonna tell you this anyway :) ), to see the same pictures over and over again is boring, sure, but I also realized that I got triggered by texts and pictures here. When I have a shitty day, I like to be on Tumblr and just forget about it but all I can see here triggers me (self harm pictures, texts and quotes about pain, sadness and death) and I don’t want to deal with this anymore. I know that people need to talk, and feel helped and listened, and I completely respect that. I know what it is to be alone all the fucking time and to know that you can’t count on anybody but yourself. I live with this burden everyday. I’m glad to read people helping each other here even if they don’t know each other. But I can’t deal with the things I’ve said above.

    If anyone reads this, I hope I wasn’t offensive or anything because I didn’t mean to be. I wish you guys will get better one day, will smile again, will feel loved and the most important : will love yourself. And that’s a thing I think with all my heart ! Keep talking to people here, don’t keep any bad thoughts for yourself -

    Well… sorry for the long text ! You can find me HERE or HERE (+ I’m sorry if there are spelling or grammar mistakes, English is not my current language!)

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    Amychophilia: sexual arousal from scratching

    Stigmatophilia: sexual arousal from tattoos and piercings

    Odaxelagnia: sexual arousal from biting

    Basorexia: strong craving or hunger for kissing

    Tumblr: the place that helped us discover we all suffer from sexual disorders

    these aren’t disorders, they’re kinks

    more importantly why does everyone on this site wanna have a bloody disorder tho

    THANK YOU because someone finally fucking said it. Sometimes I really hate this fucking website because some people start romanticizing things that are not fun, not pretty, not artistic, not anything, but a nightmare. Like yeah, it is true that many painters and writers suffered from depression, panic attacks, eating disorders etc, but THAT doesn’t mean that it was the REASON for their talent. You reach an amazing level in poetry, painting or whatever because you have this ‘natural talent’ or because you broke your ass practicing and putting effort into it. Like what the fuck. I see some people really fucking trying to reach a "level of insanity" and it’s like if they were LOOKING for getting sick or something like that. DISORDERS AIN’T FASHION. You are not going to wear anorexia, depression or OCD like a fucking scarf to show your friends how a deep teenager you are. Jesus hold me. Keep in mind that there is people in this website that actually HAVE these kind of problems and deal with them everyday before believing yourself part of a glamorous world of mental disorders that doesn’t even exist. I’m done. 

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    for those who don’t know it yet, i think about deleting palexinsomnia (and ughsexpale) because I got bored seeing the same posts i’ve already seen days, weeks and months ago. I don’t know exactely when btw. The posts you’ve seen last week were only queued ones (just like I said here) because I didn’t want to be here. I don’t think it’s a big decision -there are just blogs- but I really don’t know what to do.

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    cc--oexist: okay so hi. wow, your blog is lovely. i like it :) so glad i found it, if you could check out mine, i would be so grateful. thank uuu, and all the best for the new year. stay pale xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Your blog is really great :)! And thank you so much, but I’m thinking about deleting it

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